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Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist (HD, New) President of Lyft John Zimmer; "How to Avoid Traveling Like a Tourist."
Meet the Press (HD, New) Chuck Todd interviews Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta, Lt. General Michael Flynn and Stephanie Cutter, former Obama campaign deputy manager.
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley (New, TV-G) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley uses his ministry to help spread the Gospel to the people of the world by inviting followers of Christ to rejoice in the word of God.

« Hondo Hondo and the Apache Kid (TV-14) A crusading newspaper reporter is under the false impression that the Apache Kid is receiving unfair treatment by the U.S. Army; he escapes.
Nichols Eddie Joe (TV-PG) A black fugitive hides out in town while he is pursued by a white man he was once imprisoned with, and his former cellmate has a score to settle.
Father Murphy The Spy (TV-PG) A frontiersman partners with a prospector and school teacher and disguises himself as priest to protect orphaned children from being sent to a workhouse.

Welcome Back Kotter I'm Having Their Baby (TV-PG) Kotter goes away for a teacher's conference, and the Sweathogs decide to spend time with the still-pregnant Julie; she is not so enthusiastic about it.
Welcome Back Kotter I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now (TV-PG) A new art teacher starts developing feelings for Kotter; when she kisses him, they don't know that Epstein was watching the thing happen the entire time.
Gilligan's Island The Postman Cometh (TV-G) The castaways try to hide the fact that Mary Ann's beau is marrying someone else, but only succeed in causing her to mistakenly believe she's been poisoned.
Gilligan's Island Seer, Gilligan (TV-G) Gilligan unwittingly ingests seeds that leave him with telepathic capabilities, but he creates disharmony among the bunch by revealing too much information.
Saved by the Bell Zack's Birthday Party (TV-G) Zack develops a crush on the troublesome young daughter of his boss after the gang decides to take summer jobs at a beach resort together.
Saved by the Bell The Game (TV-G) Zack comes up with a plan to buy Carosi's car by beating him in a volleyball game but complications occur when his star player gets injured and can't continue.
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