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« Today (HD, New, TV-G) "The Blue Collar President" author Anthony Scaramucci; "Boy Erased" stars Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges; "Rossen Reports."
Megyn Kelly TODAY (HD, New) "Make Ahead Monday" with Camila Alves; Arizona medical miracle; "What's Old Is New Again Series: The Four Brothers Drive-In."
Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda (HD, New) "How Far Is Tattoo Far?" hosts Snooki and Nico Tortorella; "Pumpkin Carving" with JJ Keras; country music duo Maddie & Tae performs.

Sanford and Son Blood is Thicker Than Junk (TV-PG) Lamont is tired of working with Fred and putting up with his antics at the junkyard, so he quits and seeks employment from a rival junk collector.
The Steve Harvey Show Analyze Dis (TV-PG) Tension sprouts up when Regina returns to school in order to regain her role as acting principal and Steve doesn't want to relinquish the duties.
The Steve Harvey Show Tiger Hoods (TV-PG) After being denied a day off by Regina, Steve collaborates with friends and students to sneak out of school to attend a celebrity golf tournament.
Married ... with Children Reverend Al (TV-14) Al decides to be a leader and dons priestly robes when NO MA'AM makes arrangements to create a church to avoid having to pay the beer tax.
Married ... with Children How Bleen Was My Kelly (TV-14) Kelly discovers the new color "bleen" when she mixes together chemicals while researching a role as a scientist and Al discovers that the mixture grows hair.
All in the Family Archie, the Gambler (TV-PG) Edith is suspicious when Archie begins showering everyone with expensive gifts, and she finally forces him to admit that he's been gambling on horse racing.

My Three Sons Le Petit Stowaway (TV-G) Steve boards a military plane that will take him to Paris on a business trip, but what he doesn't realize is that his son Chip has snuck on board and is hiding.
Leave It to Beaver Brotherly Love (TV-G) In order to get Beaver and Wally to stop fighting June makes them promise to do everything together until their get along, but the boys have other plans.
Leave It to Beaver Water, Anyone? (TV-G) Wally and his baseball team try to get new baseball uniforms by working for money and Beaver does his part so he can have a chance to be on the team.
Perry Mason The Case of the Injured Innocent (TV-PG) The owner of a race car is charged with killing his driver for damaging his car, and it is revealed that he may have had another ulterior motive.
Matlock The Kidnapper (TV-PG) When Matlock is kidnapped, Michelle and Conrad go through Ben's old cases to try and figure out who is holding him captive and where he is being held.
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