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Days of Our Lives (HD, New, TV-14) Rafe meets with Evan to talk about his deception; Ciara learns important information regarding Jordan's killer; Stefano says he would trade Marlena for Kayla.
Hot Bench LYFT Driver Collision!; Slimy Shower Payday! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A Lyft driver who had a passenger onboard sues an uninsured motorist; a man suing his contractor is accused of inflating the repair estimates.
Hot Bench Unentitled USC Millennials? Believe it or Not! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Six University of Southern California students impress the judges with their airtight case against a predatory landlord.
Dr. Phil Real Life 'Pretty Woman'... Not so Pretty Ending! (HD, New, TV-14) An escort says she thought she would be able to leave the profession after she got married 27 years ago, but she's still in the business.

Walker, Texas Ranger Safe House (TV-14) A family becomes enveloped in a very dangerous situation following the threatening advances of a former crime boss and some ignored advice.
Walker, Texas Ranger Way of the Warrior (TV-14) Ranger Walker finds himself being transported back to the 1860's after encountering a warrior who was framed for an unjust murder.
Walker, Texas Ranger Tall Cotton (TV-14) Gage and Sydney go undercover at a local roadhouse in order to locate the whereabouts of Gage's journalist sibling, who has disappeared.

Gunsmoke To Ride a Yellow Horse (TV-PG) Orlo fights Newly for the affections of Anna May while she is away, and when Orlo hits his head on the wagon, he loses his memory.
Bonanza Shadow of a Hero (TV-G) A legendary Indian fighter pins his hopes of winning the governorship on his friendship with Ben Cartwright, but soon comes under investigation for genocide.
The Rifleman (TV-PG) A widower and his young son move west where they hope to settle down and start over, but his reputation with a rifle gets in the way.

Crossing Jordan As If By Fate (HD, TV-14) Jordan's romantic evening ends in tragedy after her companion dies during the date; Nigel has a near-death experience.
Crossing Jordan One Twelve (HD, TV-14) Jordan and her staff lead the recovery effort when a devastating explosion leaves a high-rise building in ruins.
Cold Case Roller Girl (HD, TV-14) Lilly and the team reopen the 1978 case of a teenage rollerskater who was found in a ravine after a new witness comes forward with a dubious claim.

« The Sons of Katie Elder (TV-PG, NR, ***) Four troublemaking brothers return home for their mother's funeral and attempt to get their ranch back from the town's gunsmith, who wronged their family.
Big Jake (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) A rough-riding cowboy who avoids social interaction is called home by his estranged wife to rescue a kidnapped grandson he never knew he had.
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