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« WSLS 10 Virginia Today (New)
Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist (HD, New) Actress Laura Dern.
Meet the Press (HD, New) Roundtable discussions on issues of national and international interest, featuring interviews with members of Congress from opposing parties.
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley What is the Meaning of Being Born Again? (Repeat, TV-G) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley uses his ministry to help spread the Gospel to the people of the world by inviting followers of Christ to rejoice in the word of God.

« Laredo Like One of the Family (TV-PG) Reese is sent to evict an eccentric family from the home the railroad claims they bought from them, and in turn all four Rangers wind up taking their side.
Laredo A Very Small Assignment (TV-PG) After Chad, Joe and Reese save a wagon convoy, the Captain assigns Reese to find the English schoolmaster who was supposed to arrive on the train.
The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams Hot Air Hero (TV-G)
Shane A Man'd Be Proud A nomadic cowboy plants roots on the farm of a recent widow and her young son, who are both trying to save their land from a greedy land baron.

Mystery Hunters Mystery Disc; Abandoned City of Tikal (TV-G) Christina translates the coded inscription on an ancient bronze disc in East Germany; Araya explores the formerly lost city of Tikal, in Guatemala.
Beakman's World Catalysts, Beakmania & Aerosol Cans (TV-G) Beakman breaks down the science behind car smog and human bodily enzymes; staying cool under pressure of aerosol cans.
Beakman's World Pigs, Beakmania & Sound Frequency (TV-G) The facts on pigs, hogs and the science behind the lariat; Beakman investigates how the harmonica works.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Ocean Life (TV-G) Bill talks about ocean ecosystems and the purpose of organisms such as coral, plankton and kelp; naturalist Karen Montano examines marine life in tidal pools.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Mammals (TV-G) Bill Nye explains the zoological differences and similarities between mammals, including animals such as human beings, moose, cats and rats.
Saved by the Bell The Babysitters (TV-G) Hijinks quickly ensue when Kelly leaves the care of her infant brother in the hands of Zack and the gang while she gets pictures taken.
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