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« Sunday Night Football NFL Football.
WSLS 10 at 11 Weekend
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« Perry Como's Early American Christmas (TV-PG) John Wayne, Diana Canova, Eugene Fodor.
Perry Como's Christmas in the Holy Land (TV-PG) Perry Como and special guest Richard Chamberlain visit the Holy Land in a holiday special.
Perry Como's Christmas in Austria (TV-PG) Host Perry Como presents a Christmas themed musical tour of Austria, featuring special guest Senta Berger.
Married ... with Children Peggy Sue Got Work (TV-14) Peg and Al's relationship is disrupted after Al won't buy her a VCR, so she goes to work at a department store to earn some extra money.

Carol Burnett and Friends The Alibi; The Sisters; Toilet Tissue; Just a Gigolo (TV-G) Harvey brings home the circus to corroborate an alibi; Carol whines to anyone who will listen; Carol comes undone when her toilet paper isn't soft enough.
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally (TV-G) Robs is suspicious of Buddy and Sally, feeling as though they aren't really his friends and after phone calls is convinced they're working on another show.
The Dick Van Dyke Show A Bird in the Head Hurts (TV-G) After being hit, Ritchie sets out to prove a woodpecker attacked him, and afterwards, Rob calls in the Game Warden in order to have the bird killed.
The Twilight Zone Time Enough at Last (TV-PG) A bank teller sneaks into the bank vault for some time alone to read during his lunch break and becomes the sole survivor of a nuclear bomb explosion.
The Twilight Zone Perchance To Dream (TV-PG) A man with a cardiac condition visits a psychiatrist, afraid that if he falls asleep, a recurring nightmare will cause him to suffer a fatal heart attack.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents No Pain (TV-PG) A man in bad health having to breathe with an iron lung worries that his wife will leave him for another man or murder him, so he hires a hitman to protect him.

« In Plain Sight Love's Faber Lost (HD, TV-PG) Marshall gets Mary involved with a female witness who can't seem to stop her criminal activities, even while being protected by Witsec.
The Good Wife Payback (HD, TV-14) Jason employs a vigorous investigative strategy to help Alicia and Lucca with a student loan case; Eli causes drama for the Florrick family.
Strong Medicine Silent Epidemic (TV-14) Dana fears mad cow disease has stricken an Amish woman in Pennsylvania. Lu runs tests on Lana to determine her libido problems.
Profiler Three Carat Crisis (TV-14) A team of robbers take over a jewelry store during a heist and Sam and Bailey are caught in the middle; John has to keep the commander from doing anything rash.

« Dangerous Crossing (TV-PG, NR, **+) A bride boards a transatlantic ocean liner on her honeymoon, but her happiness is soon dashed when her husband vanishes and everyone assumes she's crazy.
20,000 Years in Sing Sing (TV-PG, NR, **+) A troublesome convict's time in solitary confinement transforms him into a model prisoner.
Detective Story
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