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WSLS 10 at 11pm
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD, New, TV-14) Award-winning comedian Jimmy Fallon hosts the long-running late-night talk show, featuring humorous monologues, comedic sketches and celebrity interviews.
Late Night with Seth Meyers (HD, New, TV-14) "Saturday Night Live" alumnus Seth Meyers brings his unique humor to late-night scene, featuring comedic sketches, celebrity interviews and musical guests.
A Little Late with Lilly Singh (HD, New) Host Lilly Singh performs musical and sketch comedy, appears in signature segments, conducts celebrity interviews and discusses current events.
Today - All Night (HD, Repeat) NBC's pioneering program provides the latest information on breaking news and weather stories as well as celebrity interviews and lifestyles segments.

Sanford and Son Ol' Brown Eyes (TV-PG) As the 35th anniversary of Sanford & Son Salvage is underway, Lamont has a few gifts he would like to give to Fred in order to celebrate.
Good Times Where Have All the Doctors Gone? (TV-PG) Penny is left in Florida's care when Willona has to go out of town, but Penny comes down with a serious virus and must go to the doctor.
Good Times J.J. and T.C. (TV-PG) Bookman's tomboyish helper wants nothing more than for J.J. to escort her to a dance, but he fails to recognize her well-disguised femininity.
Married ... with Children Dud Bowl II (TV-14) Marcy's bank plans to donate a scoreboard to Polk high in honor of Al, but Marcy's disdain for Al forces her to try and find any other former football star.
Married ... with Children The Al Bundy's Sports Spectacular (TV-14) Roy Firestone hosts this special episode in which various clips of memorable sports moments from previous episodes are replayed.
Married ... with Children Bearly Men (TV-14) Al goes hunting with Peg's dad in an attempt to get her parents back together, but mayhem ensues when the bear they think is dead wakes up.

Perry Mason The Case of the Melancholy Marksman (TV-PG) A man suspects his second wife murdered his first wife, but when he tries to get revenge, he discovers that someone else has already killed his second wife.
Twilight Zone (TV-PG) Ordinary people figure out what to do when they are faced with situations beyond their wildest imaginings and the familiar suddenly becomes strange and new.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Total Loss (TV-PG) A department store owner in financial trouble devises a crazy insurance scam in order to get out of a debt, but the plan turns into a complete disaster.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Last Dark Step (TV-PG) A young man falls in love with a beautiful girl and wants to marry her, but his current girlfriend is in the way and refuses to end their relationship.
Mannix Once Upon a Saturday (TV-PG) Mannix gets an unexpected visit from an old friend, a life-long worker in the carnival world, who is afraid to go anywhere after several attempts on her life.

« The Good Wife The Debate (HD, TV-14) Alicia and Frank Prady are pitted against one another in a pivotal debate, and the city of Chicago anticipates a possible uprising in light of the debate.
Strong Medicine Temperature's Rising (TV-14) The staff consults the hospital disaster plan in preparation for the city heat wave; a young-girl with Down's Syndrome confesses to a gang murder.
Profiler Birthright (TV-14) A killer begins to hunt those he thinks has stolen his identity when he believes he was switched at birth, and Sam must uncover his plans.
The Division Be Careful What You Wish For (TV-14) A pregnant woman's murder leads to a list of surprising suspects; Kate finds herself dealing with empty nest syndrome.

« They Came to Cordura (TV-PG, NR, **+) An Army officer thought to be a coward is ordered to escort five war heroes across the desert in an attempt to return to their base in the town of Cordura.
Mighty Joe Young (TV-PG, NR, **+) A giant ape stolen from his jungle home is exploited and forced to perform in a nightclub act until he escapes and goes on a destructive rampage.
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